Vapor Noir

vapor noir.jpg

Vapor Noir is a biannual art rave co-organised and curated by Bridget Chappell. It is held in found spaces and features DJs, live electronic acts, live visuals, and laser installations. Since its first iteration in 2016 the event has seen hundreds take part in the temporary autonomous zone created by an underground rave. The space represents a vision of a future that’s a little bit utopic – people are there to cut sick but simultaneously, quietly, creating a space like a rally minus the awkward, stilted chants; a mass collusion between strangers; a space without property law or the state; a space that doesn’t exclude people over or under a certain age, or charge a door fee. But all that stuff is kinda secondary and just comes naturally.

Contributing artists include Slim Set, Toecutter, Makeda, Yumgod, DJ Sezzo, Anuraag, Hextape, Floating Three Stripe, and Raving Private Ryan.

Sites: September 2016: Footscray Docks, Melbourne

January 2017: Footscray Docks, Melbourne

May 2017: Hotshots, Melbourne

September 2017: Whitehall Street, Melbourne

April 2018: Moonee Ponds Drains, Melbourne

September 2018: Flemington Drains, Melbourne